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In an Apple II, the No-Slot Clock resided under any 28-pin ROM chip, including one on a peripheral card. A user had to remove the ROM from its socket, insert the No-Slot Clock, and then reinsert the ROM chip into the top of the No-Slot Clock. The No-Slot Clock was both ProDOS and Dos 3.3... - Your total source for Apple II… So if you wanted your Apple II to keep track of the time and date, timestamp documents, etc. you had to use a clock card which used up a valuable slot.The user-replaceable coin cell battery alone insures this will be the last clock you’ll ever need to buy for your Apple II. No Slot Clock | Manila Gear The Manila Gear No Slot Clock lets your Apple II remember the date and time. It will work on an Apple ][, Apple ][+, AppleMachine pin socket on the top for reliable connections to your EPROM. Regular IC socket on the bottom to preserve your motherboard or slot card IC socket (no more “socket stretch”!) Installing a parallel CR2032 battery on a vintage Dallas-based… The original 28-pin no-slot clocks (NSC) based on the Dallas Smartwatch DS1216E, henceforth referred to as the “vintage NSCs”, contain an embeddedThis poses a challenge for those of us who would like a cheap solution for their Apple II to keep track of time or time-stamp documents and files.

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NOTE: This drawing doesn't show 8 new UHS-II contacts that were added in spec 4.0. Macintosh IIsi - Wikipedia The Macintosh IIsi is a personal computer designed, manufactured and sold by Apple Computer, Inc. from October 1990 to March 1993. Macintosh SE/30 - Wikipedia This machine was followed in 1991 by the Macintosh Classic II, which, despite the same processor and clock speed, was only 60% as fast as the SE/30 due to its 16-bit data path, [3] supported no more than 10 MB of memory, lacked an internal …

The Manila Gear No Slot Clock was released in May 2017.. The No Slot Clock allows your Apple II to remember the date and time. It will work on an Apple II, Apple II+, Apple IIe or an Apple IIc. It features dual break-off battery holders so you can install it however you like.

L'Apple II (trascritto come Apple ][sui primi modelli ma anche come Apple // su altri) è un home computer prodotto da Apple, tra i primi realizzati su scala industriale a riscuotere un enorme successo commerciale: complessivamente si stima ne siano stati venduti quasi 5 milioni di esemplari. We Love Macs - Apple iPod Accessory iPod Accessories Mac ... Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, not far from the Apple Main Campus, We Love Macs is an industry leader in the Apple aftermarket. We Love Macs specializes in all things Apple. Virtual ][ Help - Apple II Where to find Apple II documentation. This Help file is about the Virtual ][ application. For example, it tells you how to configure a virtual machine, how to use the emulated printer and how to work with disk images.

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Apple IIe [15/1983] – Joe's Computer Museum Jan 25, 2013 ... Maxim Semiconductor No-Slot Clock under C-D ROM; AUX: Applied Engineering Ramworks III card w/1MB RAM; Slot 1: Apple II Super Serial ... Forums - The Forums - Ultimate Apple II

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Inside the Apple IIe - Fabien Sanglard no warranty of any kind, expressed or implied, with regard to these programs, the text, or ..... was plugged into slot #0 of the Apple II but in the //e it is simulated ...... **Add one clock cycle if a branch occurs to a location in the same page; add two  ... Apple II Repair - Mike Willegal

No Slot Clocks for $6 - Thx to Georgel | Applefritter A No-Slot Clock has a clock and calendar function (with battery) in a pass-through DIP package. The software allows you to modify Pro-DOS8 (and actually there's software for IBM DOS too) so that all of your data saving onto a memory medium (floppy disk, harddrive, CF card) are time-date stamped. No-Slot Clock - Google Groups